WEPA Module 4 (German)


Februari 2021 (German)
2 days, each from 7.30 to 18.00


Kirchstrasse 2, 9216 Heldswil, Switzerland


Stefan Wehrli

Module in small groups of 8 to 14 people

Each theory lesson is followed by a practial session. Every farrier and every vet receive a hoof each. What has been learned in theory lesson can be put into practice directly thereafter.

Standard shoes and WTS Solid shoes are included in the fee of the course. If you would liek to use Full Rocker, Rail shoes, WTS Soft Heel, WTS Flex Heel and WTS Revolution for the practical session, they will be available for purchase at a 30% discount.

Please bring with you:

Farriers: Shoeing material, shoeing apron, forging hammer, forging tongs.
Veterinarians: Shoeing material, shoeing apron, x-ray apron, x-ray machine if possible.

Registration: Modules 3 to 6 have to be booked together.

  • Functional anatomy
  • Negative palmar/plantar angle
  • Bruised heels
  • Navicular Syndrome
  • Check ligament of the DFT
  • Suspensory ligament
  • Straight bar shoe
  • Shoeing with wedge
  • Rocker shoeing with standard shoes
  • Rocker shoeing with WTS Solid
  • Rocker shoeing with Full Rocker Shoe
  • Rocker shoeing with Rail Shoe
  • Rocker shoeing with WTS Soft Heel
  • Rocker shoeing with WTS Flex Heel
  • Rocker shoeing with WTS Revolution

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