Podi Artist at Tops International Arena

This time next week Podi Artist will be at our first homeshow in Valkenswaard! We will be there on each of the five events this Summer representing the brands that we will be working with, building up to a new Podi Artist launch this fall. Which brands? More on that later this week. 🔜What new Podi Artist? .. I guess you will have to meet us at one of the events to get know more about it! See you there! #podiartisthomeshow

14-16 May CSI1* – CSI2* – CSIYH1*
21-23 May CSI1* – CSI2* – CSIYH1*
16-18 July Longines Global Future Champions: Young Horses 5-6-7-8 Years Old
20-22 July Longines Global Future Champions: CSIU25 – CSIYR – CSIJ – CSICh – CSIP
10-12 August CSI5* LGCT – CSI5* – GCL – CSI2* – CSI1* – CSIYH1*

Photo: Stefano Grasso / Tops International Arena

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